Voting for the Gympie District Beef Liaison Group Inc Name Change

14th June 2024

It has been nearly 12 months since the decision was made, to make the change to replace our name Gympie District Beef Liaison Group Inc. We would like to thank you all for your patience in this matter, but we are now in a position to have a vote to choose the new name. 

We have decided to go with the electronic format. You may have to log into your portal at the Gympie District Beef Liaison Group Inc website, then go to the polling page and then choose your answers and then click on the Vote Button.

There will only be one vote per membership member.

You will get to choose 2 of 4 names that were suggested by the members at the last AGM. These will then  be tallied up, and the new name be announced at the next AGM (which we will be advising on this date very shortly).

You will have a week from today and there will be no late voting.

Please follow the polling link below to have your vote


Thank you again for your patience.

The GDBLG Team 



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