October Events

14th June 2024

Booubyjan and Surrounds Farm Soils Forum

The results are in!!  The soil cores taken a few weeks ago from the farm of Russell & Catriona Murdoch have been analysed, and we will hear the story they tell on Saturday the 14th.  

We'd love for you to join us for this FREE event to compare notes of your own soil stories.  

The day will start with an introduction and overview of their time at Holroyd from the Murdoch family.

Cameron Leckie (University of Southern Queensland, Regional Soils Co-ordinator) will 'dig deep' ...pun intended!...into those soil cores with lots of practical learning and observation skills we can all take home.

Lindi Pott - a cattle producer from over Kingaroy way will discuss improved breeder fertility alongside improving soil fertility.

Lunch & Smoko supplied.  Register HERE .  (Registration required for catering only)


October 20

Film night in conjunction with Gympie State High School.

Our run of youth-focused event continues with a showing of Rachel's Farm.  Filmed in Australia, showing Australian conditions and produced by  Australian filmmaker, actor and farmer Rachel Ward.

The school will host a student only viewing of the film and on Friday evening, the community showing will be launched with a summary of their thoughts from a group of students.

Friday October 20


Gympie State High School Cybrary...Tozer Park Road

Member Tickets:-  $10 (tickering will show $9.96)

Non Members:-  $12

All tickets to be purchased online...no tickets at the door. Book HERE.




Join us, Saturday 21st October at Tressavale - Glastonbury - for our Better Beef Breeder Day.

With guest presenters:- 

  • Justin Schooth - Breeder Health
  • Matt Bekker - Breeder Nutrition
  • Paula Warren - Bull selection, EBV’s
  • Warren McEwan - Breeder Selection
  • Jim Viner-Putting it all into practice.

This will be an interactive yardside day of education and real-life examples.

Morning Tea & Lunch supplied.  

All members $15 pp.  Non members $20pp.

Book your place HERE.

Gympie District Beef Liaison Group Field Day Cameron Leckie (2)

Rachels farm

BBB Management Day


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