Up coming event advice

7th February 2023
By Karen Jarling + Warren McEwan

Good morning,


**upcoming event advise**


Assoc. Prof. Larelle Fabbro from CQ University and Dr Martino Malerba from Deakin University will be speaking about the positive benefits of healthy and well-managed waterways and farm dams.   Done well these will, greatly improve dam water quality and tip the balance towards them becoming methane sinks, rather than emitters. This will improve livestock welfare, health, weight gain and possibly allow access to environmental markets for agricultural producers wishing to undertake such measures. With a El Nino pattern forecast this year, drier and possibly hotter times are on the way. These are conducive to algal blooms and deteriorating water quality.

If you are investigating or entering into Natural Capital or Carbon agreements, waterways management will be an important component of this.

Date and venue are to be confirmed, but....around the end of this month (February 2023)


Bookings will be required and finer details to be provided asap.



Karen Jarling


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