About Us



The Gympie District Beef Liaison Group is one of the largest and longest serving Independent  beef industry groups in Queensland formed in 1982.

It has a diverse membership of App 300 Family and Business members, drawn largely from the broadere Gympie region, which encompasses  the Wide Bay, South Burnett, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane Valley Districts.

The Groups Mission is to organise extension and training activities for the benefit of beef producers and the beef industry in the Gympie and surrounding districts of South East Queensland.

Membership allows you access to our range of

  • Field Days
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Competitions 

Our group works closely with MLA, AgForce, DAFFQ, Mary River Catchment Groups MRCCC & BMRG within the Gympie region and with other Agribusiness entities to deliver these activities in the Community.

Gympie Carcass Classic 

The Inaugral Gympie Carcass Classic was held in 1987 to educate beef producers in the changing consumer trends, meeting target market specifications and the industry trend towards grain finishing beef.
The ongoing sucsess of the Gympie Carcass Clasic is attributed to the educational nature and knowledge transfer theme, rather than the competitive enviroment of knowledge protection.

An Integral part of this knowladge transfer is the live cattle and carcass assesment compititions where entrants need not be exhibitors. This encourges the involvement of not only the professional beef producers but new producers and school students- the red meat producers of the future. 2019 was the 33 year of the Gympie Carcass Classic with approximately 170 head, comprising of many different breeds from all over Queensland.


Wide Bay Inter-School Hoof and Hook Compitition 

The Gympie District Beef Liaison Group Wide Bay Hoof and Hook Compitition is a school based compitition that has been held every year for the last 2 decades.  Students and their teachers select, train, feed and prepare steers for the 3 day compitition. The students then prep, lead, judge, their animals as if they are attending a normal show. They also are educated in the finer points of handling and judging cattle by attending workshops and lectures with a variety  of guest speakers to inspire them to take up a career in the Agriculture industry.